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Meet Prea Kite Club

Welcome to Prea Kite Club! I am Prea, a passionate and experienced Sports Trainer specializing in kiteboarding. With over 10 years of experience, I have trained numerous athletes and enthusiasts to become skilled kiteboarders. My love for the sport and dedication to helping others achieve their goals drives me to provide top-notch training and guidance. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, I am here to support you in your kiteboarding journey. Get ready to soar through the waves and experience the thrill of kiteboarding with Prea Kite Club!

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Private Lessons
1 instructor / 1 student / 1 kite


Our private kitesurf lessons offer a tailored and effective approach to learning this thrilling sport. With a dedicated instructor at your side, you'll receive personalized guidance, instant feedback, and corrections for any inadvertent mistakes. Your progress is celebrated at each step, all while maintaining constant communication with your instructor via walkie-talkies.

These one-on-one sessions not only guarantee your safety but also ensure a highly satisfying learning experience in Prea, near Jericoacoara. In just a few hours, you'll witness remarkable improvements in your kitesurfing skills.

The key advantage of our private lessons is their exclusive focus on your needs. The kite and instructor are entirely at your disposal, accelerating your journey to becoming an independent kitesurfer.

For those eager to learn and ride as quickly as possible, this is the ideal choice. Prea Kite Club is dedicated to creating independent kiters with a strong emphasis on safety and rapid skill development, making our private lessons the recommended path to achieve your kitesurfing goals swiftly and securely.

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