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Praia do Prea, a haven for kitesurfers and beach lovers alike, beckons with its endless stretches of golden sand, crystal-clear waters, and laid-back charm. But getting there can feel like an adventure in itself. Fear not, travelers! This guide explores all the ways you can reach this slice of paradise from Fortaleza, catering to every budget and travel style.

By Bus

For the budget-conscious adventurer, the bus offers a cost-effective option. Expresso Guanabara operates a daily service departing Fortaleza bus station at4:00 PM, arriving in Praia do Prea around 11:00 PM.

  • Pros: Super affordable!

  • Cons: Longer travel time, tickets can sell out quickly during peak seasons.

  • Tips: Book your tickets well in advance through their website ( especially for peak travel times.

Contact Expresso Guanabara: While they don't have a phone number readily available online, you can contact them through their website's contact form.

Rental Car

Craving the freedom of the open road? Renting a car allows you to explore at your own pace, stopping at hidden gems along the way. The drive from Fortaleza takes approximately 5 hours under normal conditions.

  • Pros: Flexibility, perfect for spontaneous detours and exploring hidden spots.

  • Cons: Requires navigating unfamiliar roads.

  • Tips: Be familiar with the area and traffic regulations. Consider road conditions, especially during the rainy season. A 4x4 might be useful depending on the specific route you choose.

Private or Shared Transfer Services

Seeking ultimate convenience? Private transfer services whisk you away from Fortaleza directly to Praia do Prea. This option is ideal for those with luggage or traveling in a group. These transfers typically utilize 4x4 vehicles.

  • Pros: Most convenient option, door-to-door service, often uses 4x4 vehicles for added comfort on sandy roads.

  • Cons: Generally pricier than other options.

  • Tips: Research and book your transfer service in advance, especially during peak seasons.

Contact Private Transfer Services: Due to the abundance of private transfer companies, it's best to search online for reputable services that cater to your specific needs and budget. Look for companies with good reviews and clear pricing structures.


While there aren't currently scheduled air transfers directly from Fortaleza to Praia do Prea, some private helicopter tour companies might offer such an experience. This would be the ultimate splurge for a truly unforgettable arrival.

  • Pros: Breathtaking aerial views, fastest travel option (if available).

  • Cons: Most expensive option by far, availability might be limited.

  • Tips: Research private helicopter tour companies operating in the region. Be prepared for a hefty price tag.

Once you're within Praia do Prea itself, this charming little village is easily explored on foot. However, if you're looking for a fun and adventurous way to get around, consider renting a quad bike. We offer special prices on quad bike rentals when you book lessons with us!

Embrace the Adventure - Praia do Prea Awaits!

With its diverse travel options, Praia do Prea is accessible to all. Whether you're a budget-conscious backpacker or a luxury traveler seeking a unique arrival, you'll find the perfect way to reach this enchanting destination. So pack your bags, choose your adventure, and get ready to experience the magic of Praia do Prea!

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